Jenny Pierson(non-registered)
Pan among the tulips is my favorite of these otherwordly pics, Robz. you have captured the magical realm of what we do not see when we look at a flower. Are you exhibiting these anywhere?? I appreciate them all. Thanks! JENNY
Chris Crowley(non-registered)
Nice to get these in the in box this morning - makes me look at the flowers in profusion around the house in a new light. OK - makes me wish I could see them as you do!
Ellen A(non-registered)
I loved looking through your work! So vibrant and alive. I would love to get updates for future photos! :)
chris crowley(non-registered)
Rob - more nice work... Even in the snow! Thanks for sending these along - they are an inspiration!
Great stuff - the fall photos remind me of Monet paintings!
Chris Crowley(non-registered)
Hi, Rob - I love these new photos... They are especially sweet after the winter I know you have endured. Beautiful.
Great work!
Zipporah (Chippy) Wiseman(non-registered)
Rob, your photographs are a feast for the eye & the soul. What a joy to see them.
Phyllis mentioned cards ???
Much love to all of you, C/Z
I loved seeing your pictures. They were great. See you tomorrow. Love, Mom
Phyllis Sonnenschein(non-registered)
wonderful colors and combinations, but the white flowers are particularly exquisite. Really beautiful work --will want to order more cards soon!
Jenny Pierson(non-registered)
Too much time away from our friendship; makes me awkward in my response to your great work, Robz. I love the intimate proximity to your images, the colors and shapes. Worlds within worlds that remind me of my love of each stage of my orchids' growing. Poetry, indeed. Thanks! Keep on keeping on.
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